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ZIMO STACO1, 1 StayAlive-Controller and 3 Mini-Goldcaps
Article No.: STACO1
17,10 EUR
incl. 19,00% VAT. plus shipping costs
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ZIMO STACO1, 1 StayAlive-Controller and 3 Mini-Goldcaps  
  17,10 EUR *  
* incl. 19,00% VAT. plus shipping costs
 Warning: This product is in accordance with EU Directive 2009/48/EC not suitable for children under 14 years!
ZIMO STACO1, 1 StayAlive-Controller and 3 Mini-Goldcaps

The StayAlive controller is a circuit for charging and controlled discharging of 2 to 3 mini gold caps. The STACO1 is suitable for "small" MX or MS decoders without precautionary measures for connecting energy storage devices or for decoders with possible direct connection of smaller capacities (e.g. 1000 µF) - in this case, better energy storage is guaranteed. It is connected via wires to the decoder pads or pins for "Common Plus" and "GROUND". The energy storage devices are connected to the circuit board via wires and a spatially distributed accommodation of the individual components (decoder, STACO, gold caps) is possible. The existing voltage of the mini gold caps is transformed up to 10 volts by the StayAlive controller. This is sufficient to ensure the replacement supply of the decoder in the event of an interruption in the wheel-rail contact and avoids problems with the drive or the loss of volume with the sound. In addition, it does not cause any malfunctions, e.g. in service mode.

Manufacturer: ZIMO
Article number: STACO1
Dimensions (LxWxH mm): 10x7,5x2
Motor nominal current: 0,7 A (peak current 1,5 A, approx. 20 seconds)
Back-EMF motor regulation: available
Function outputs: 4 with cables (0,6 A max. current carrying capacity)
Other connections: SUSI or 2 logic level outputs or 2 servo outputs
Sound memory: 128 Mbit for 16-bit sounds
Audio power: 1 watt in 8 ohm

To guarantee the currentness of the information and to not burden the environment unnecessarily,
the manual of the ZIMO-decoder is availlable as a downloadable PDF only.
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