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ZIMO MX649F, N-H0 sound-decoder, NEM 651 (6-pin plug), 0,7A, 4 function outputs
Article No.: MX649F
95,35 EUR
incl. 19,00% VAT. plus shipping costs
Availability: orderable • 25-29 days in Germany, other European countries 29-35 days
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 Warning: This product is in accordance with EU Directive 2009/48/EC not suitable for children under 14 years!
ZIMO MX649F, N-H0 sound-decoder, NEM 651 (6-pin plug), 0,7A, 4 function outputs

Manufacturer: ZIMO
Article number: MX649F
Electrical interface: 6-pin plug to NEM 651 (wired, 70 mm)
Digital protocol: DCC and MM (Märklin-Motorola)
Dimensions (LxWxH mm): 23x9x4
Motor nominal current: 0,7 A (peak current 1,5 A, approx. 20 seconds)
Back-EMF motor regulation: available
Function outputs: 4 (0,5 A max. current carrying capacity)
Other connections: SUSI or 2 logic level outputs or 2 servo outputs (solder pads)
Audio power: 1 watt in 8 ohm

To guarantee the currentness of the information and to not burden the environment unnecessarily,
the manual of the ZIMO-decoder is availlable as a downloadable PDF only.

  • DCC addresses 1 ... 10239, consist addresses 1 ... 127, MM addresses 1 ... 80, Functions F0 ... F20
  • 14, 28 or 128 (external) speed steps, 256 or 1024 internal steps
  • Programming CVs in „service mode“ (on the Programming Track) and in „operational mode“
  • Uninterrupted operation (without Decoder Reset or New Start) during lost contact of up to 1 or 2 sec (even without external energy storage/capacitors)
  • UPS - Avoids stopping on de-energized rail sections - from insulated frog or dirt (requires external energy storage/capacitors)
  • DC Analogue operation, detected automatically, either regulated or unregulated
  • AC Analogue operation (including Märklin impulse control to change direction)
  • Updateable Software: New Software Versions can be loaded without opening the loco, with help from the ZIMO Decoder Update Device MXULF, or the MX31ZL System CAB or the MX10 base station; from Computer with ZIRC (the „ZIMO Rail Centre“) or direct from a USB-Stick (with MX31ZL or MX10).

  • Current overload protection on all outputs, temperature overload protection, See details under „Continuous Current“ and „Peak Current“
  • Protection against voltage spikes of the motor through suppressor diodes

Motor control and regulation:
  • low-noise, high frequency motor control with either 20 or 40 kHz
  • suitable for all DC motors and coreless motors (Faulhaber, Maxxon) and (with additional diodes) AC motors
  • also for „hard cases“, such as the Fleischmann „round“ motor, or old (only low frequency compatible) motors
  • ZIMO motor control with self-optimization and numerous settings for manual optimization
  • Speed curve via 3 CV settings or freely programmable in 28 point speed curve (as in NMRA standard)
  • km/h-speed control (per Speed Step - 1/2 km/h, 1 km/h or 2 km/h) as alternative to conventional speed control
  • Adjustable compensation for gear back-lash during direction changes in order to reduce start-up jolt
  • ZIMO acceleration settings (NMRA standard, in addition, „exponential“ for soft start/stop, „adaptive“ against start-up jolt)
  • Shunting function (half-speed, reduction or shutdown of momentum/braking effects selectable via F3, F4, or MAN keys)

Functions and function outputs:
  • full NMRA function mapping for F0 - F12, and ZIMO extensions (directional assignments, Swiss light effects etc.)
  • dimming, flashing, US effects (mars, ditch, strobe,...) and other light effects (soft start, brake light, auto time-out,...)
  • High bream/low beam headlight changeover via function key
  • time limited (un)coupling control for Krois and Roco, with „uncoupling dance“ (or „waltz“) (automatic move in slightly, unhook and move away)

Train control and feedback:
  • DC braking distance, ABC (stopping on asymmetrical DCC signal), Märklin braking section
  • ZIMO „signal dependent train control“ (HLU) with speed limits in 5 steps and „stop before red signal“
  • ZIMO loco number recognition only with ZIMO DCC system and ZIMO track section modules
  • constant braking with two variants (either always start braking immediately, or later, when speed is low, to stop in same place)
  • RailCom: km/h feedback, CV „on-the-main“ read-out and confirmed programming, RailCom address feedback, and many more RailCom applications in future software releases.

  • Loading of new sound projects is similar (using same equipment) as loading new software versions, (see SW Update, above)
  • Sampling rate 22 kHz (most used) or 11 kHz, up to 6 sound channels played simultaneously (e.g. steam chuffs, air pump whistle,...)
  • Synchronization of the steam chuffs either by connecting a real cam sensor (LED mechanical, Hall), or simulated virtual cam sensor, both for sound as well as for the fan and smoke control
  • Acceleration and load dependence can be automatically adjusted by a test drive to set the load sensitivity parameters and many other features, see the ZIMO Sound Database and the User Manuals.

„RailCom“ is a Trade Mark of Lenz GmbH
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